Horse Boarding

Membership Details

Boarders have access to multiple corrals, large open fields, many trails around the property and the outdoor polo arena.

Full Care Board

Turn in during the day with hay

Nightly turnout into large grassy fields

Twice a day feeding

Stalls include rubber floors, shavings and water buckets

State of the art tack room

Daily horse checks

Field Board

Turnout in large very grassy pasture

Once a day feeding

Access to tack room

Daily horse checks

Tack room better than a living room

For Pittsburgh Polo Club, a tack room is more than just a place for storing saddles and horse harnesses. It is a place that our riders first visit to get ready and we want our tack room to inspire our riders to get ready to play world class polo. Our 100% wood paneled tack room combines functionality with elegance. Our tack room is conveniently located right next to the rubber floored stables. You need to visit to experience the functionality of a temperature controlled luxury tack room. Your saddles, bridles, reins, helmets and riding boots are conveniently stored here. And, you can even grab a hot coffee or cold drink before or after you ride!

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